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About EA

Company information

This website is suitable as a financial calendar, because you can find in the sector tables on the home page automatically updated earnings announcements dates of companies, see column (ea date). And because it is often not known which products or services a company provides, these are shown in a column (products).

When the company’s row is unfolded (+), the exchanges where the shares are purchased (exchange) and the company’s headquarters (hq) are shown. The markets in which the company operates (markets) and the end users of the products (end users) are also seen here, so that companies in the sector can be compared with each other.

The (products), (exchange), (hq), (markets) and (end users) column is not automatically updated at the moment. Due to acquisitions or new developments, (products), (markets) and (end users) may be different. It is intended that this will be amended in the future by website visitors or by the company administration with sufficient evidence.

Company classification

The companies, which are active in several sectors, are classified in the sector in which they generate an extraordinary part of their turnover.