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earnings announcements market

Earnings announcements release dates will be find here! Company results, future plans and potential risks are disclosed at these earnings announcements dates. This important date has therefore been collected and automatically updated for more than 370 large companies in 44 sectors.

They are companies, the majority of which trade more than 100,000 shares a day and can be bought with dollars, euros and other generally stable currencies on exchanges in North America and Europe.

Less well-known sectors, which also offer opportunities, can be found in section Overview Sectors, such as: functional ingredients and reinsurance. If there is a particular trend in the Lodging sector, a number of companies can be found quickly by clicking on Lodging. Also high dividend yield stocks will be find quickly on this page.

Depending on the investment strategy, investments can be made in cyclical stocks and defensive stocks. With this in mind, the navigation menu lead to a description of cyclical and defensive stocks, examples of stock investment opportunities, and external news links.

Company classification and noted company information are more explained in section About EA.

No action should be taken or omitted to be taken in reliance upon information on this webpage. We accept no liability for the result of any action taken on the basis of the information or for any loss from use of this webpage.

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High Dividend Yield Stocks

Dividend yield exists only when there are dividend payments. Past annual dividend payments can be found at Morningstar and Reuters, but does not predict future. Financial websites use different dividend yield definitions which can vary more than 6%. In the list below you can compare 3 dividend yield definitions: 5 year average dividend yield (5y.avg), forward annual dividend yield (forw. ann.) and trailing twelve month dividend yield without special dividend (ttm.w/o spec.div). Notice that telecom companies have a high representation in overview High Dividend Yield Stocks:

Attention: if the earnings announcement results are poor, this may lead in fewer dividend payments and a lower stock price both of which cause loss of income, but the dividend yield may remain the same.